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the cinemascapist    AARON HOBSON

2007-2011 cinemascapes:    dark  |   even darker  |  winter    
2011-2012 cinemascapes:    
google street view
2013 cinemascapes:    my street view

the skinny on the skinny:

• was born in the same city that George Eastman killed himself in
• started chewing fingernails
• Moved to Steeltown, Pennsyltuckey when I was 7
• devoted hockey fan, former player, and current coach of my son

• drank a lot of booze and smoked a lot of weed early in life
• followed that with a lot of experimentation with most of the other drugs and narcotics available
• had my back fractured at 15 after escaping 3 hooligans with baseball bats intending to hurt me
• settled down and moved to the remote Adirondack mountains at age 21
• married a sexy, smart redhead and had a baby Hugo with her in my mid to late 20's
• picked up photography at 27 years of age
• took some photos called cinemascapes and traveled to many distant lands to share them with people
while we all drank wine and ate cheese/grape platters
• traveled the world via google at age 32 and documented that trip
• currently chewing fingernails and living the life in the Adirondacks with wife and son

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