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2007-2011 cinemascapes:    dark  |   even darker  |  winter    
2011-2012 cinemascapes:    
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2013 cinemascapes (in progress):    my street view


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"Much of what is so compelling, so haunting, about it is that his imagery exudes sexuality and danger,
those two narcotics we never seem to be able to get out of our systems."

- from "The Luminous, Dangerous, Sexy World of Aaron Hobson" by critic and historian John Wood (full essay here)

Cinemascapes (dark, even darker, and winter) are a visual journal into the memories of my youth. The cinematic style of the photographs are intentiona and not just an added effectl. We are a society dominated by TV, cinema, youtube, video games, and more. I hope to make these photographs more immediate using this style, leaving no work (or need for a master's degree) to get into each image and understand or relate to them.

The images are composed of 4-5 sequential vertical images that are seemlessly stitched to create a finished panoramic image. The barreling or warped effect of the panoramic creates a dreamlike atmosphere and just like dreams, it presents a challenge to focus on any single area, but rather has the viewer's eyes bouncing across the photographs.

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